Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Public Radio Underwriting Spots

The church's underwriting announcement is now being heard on WVTF and Radio IQ, the local NPR stations for central Virginia. Here's what it says:

"First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lynchburg: renewing hope and celebrating diversity with a reasoned faith and a passion for justice."

That says it just about right!

Open and Affirming

On Sunday the congregation adopted new langauge that confirms what we've known all along, that the church is open and affirming in welcoming all who would join us on the journey of faith. It doesn't change our behavior. But it does make clear that First Christian Church of Lynchburg is the safe congregation many glbt fgolks in Lynchburg have known it to be for many years.

Next steps: continue with inititatives on health and wellness, becoming a green congregation, and simplifying life. Onward and upward!